What to Give For a 40th Birthday Present?

There is always the fun and excitement in picking the right gift for someone special in your life, may it be your mom, colleague, lover, etc. But the more you intend to make that particular someone feel even more special, the more it becomes difficult for you to find the right piece that can express how you really feel. One sensible gift-giver, as what you might have already known, considers important factors such as gender, the type of relationship between the giver and the receiver of the gift, and of course, age. Speaking of age, I have had many people approach me seeking for 40th birthday gift ideas.

We have this particular notion that when one reaches 40, he or she has achieved a certain level of self-actualization. This is a very important stage in ones life. Thus, finding the right gift for someone who is celebrating a 40th birthday will require you to squeeze your imagination a lot.

When getting something for a special friend who turns 40, make sure that your gift spells taste and good class. Consider good wines, perfumes, and designer ties. Also, you can get your best buddies anything that they can use for their hobbies. You can present them with personalized mugs or t-shirts bearing humorous remarks or witty lines – something that hails their wisdom achieved at such age.

For your mom or dad who turns 40, there can be loads and loads of gift-giving options. Bring them back to your childhood years when getting gifts for them didn’t have to be a pain in your wallet. Relieve the years when you simply enjoyed getting your creative hands into something personal and original – like an artwork perhaps. Yes, nothing beats your handmade cards just yet.

You may also create a scrapbook or wall decoration containing collages of your family pictures depicting how you have evolved as a tight bunch through the years. You may also consider other things to include in your artwork project.

My friends mom enjoyed gardening so much. So what she did was gather all the pictures she has taken of her mom while gardening. She went the extra mile taking still shots of her mom’s potted plants, shrubs, landscapes, and anything else in their small backyard garden. With these resources, she was able to put up the best garden-themed scrapbook her mom has ever seen in her life.

You can also give your parents the most unforgettable birthday of their lives by volunteering to take over in specific chores. You can also cook special recopies for them if you have the acumen for the kitchen. If, however, you are not much of a cook, it will make them even happier to see you’ve broken a leg there. Also, someone at 40 would be very happy to see their friends around. You can surprise them by having their old buddies come over.

If it is your spouses 40th birthday, your main goal in gift-giving should be to keep the spark alive. You can take your special someone out to that classic restaurant or you can go out ballroom dancing – just like old times. You may also inject the spirit of nostalgia by doing things you used to do together as young lovers, like watching a movie together. Look for a copy of the first movie you watched together and set up a little theater at home (you can go borrow an LCD projector and use a white sheet as your makeshift screen). You can go explore so many other romantic ideas to give your spouse a birthday worth cherishing forever.