Top Negotiators Know When To Leave the Table

From the time they enter a negotiating room the world’s best negotiators know what they expect out of a negotiation and whether, under proposed terms and conditions required of them by their counter-parties, it is at all possible to meet those expectations. Because they have prepared beforehand they know if certain terms are required by their counter-party that they can not accept, the negotiation will be hopelessly deadlocked and they had better close off the bargaining process, pack up and go home. Otherwise, if they stay and continue negotiating under such adverse conditions they surely will negotiate an outcome that is unsatisfactory to themselves.

If a term or condition that is utterly unacceptable to the negotiator is absolutely a bottom line requirement for the counter-party, there is an impasse. The best negotiator will ask the counter-party whether the term is unconditionally indispensable. If it is, the negotiator will pack up and go home. For a top negotiator it frequently is better to have no negotiation that to have a bad one.

Negotiators routinely determine, often in minute detail, before they meet with their counter-parties what the parameters of success will be for their negotiations. Likewise a smart negotiator will set forth any likely terms or conditions their counter-party could insist on which, from the negotiator’s stand point, would take the negotiation to an impasse, a point beyond which they had better not travel.

It is often difficult to know exactly what elements the counter-party will throw into the negotiation. This is especially true if the negotiator has not spent a great deal of time with the counter-party before or does not know the true objectives of the counter-party. If this is the situation it is essential that the negotiator follow certain steps to overcome this problem. The wise negotiator will think about these steps and try to outline a procedure to follow in case any such surprise elements are introduced into the negotiations.

When the parties first meet, the negotiator must probe into the thought processes of the counter-party. The easiest way to do this is to ask questions of the counter-party and listen intently to the answers. The negotiator should observe the facial and other body language responses given. The negotiator should determine what are the true objectives of the counter-party? Often the counter-party will state certain opinions or facts that will turn out to be false or misleading. Sometimes a counter-party will state that certain requirements absolutely must be included in the terms agreed upon but later these terms will vanish and the counter-party will not require them.

The skilled negotiator will seek to determine whether there are bottom-line objectives that are hidden from the agenda stated by the counter-party? Maybe there are psychological pressures that the counter-party himself does not consciously know about. A seasoned negotiator will not take statements at face value all the time and will try to establish a reliable test to determine whether to believe what is said.

Looking For A Fitness Themed Gift? Then Try These 4 Cool Christmas Presents

Getting Christmas gifts for certain people is a nightmare. No matter how hard you rack your brains you just cannot figure out what to get them. If this situation sounds familiar, why not got get a fitness gift this year? Fitness gifts are great for introducing newbies into the world of fitness or for giving seasoned pros a new bit of kit. In this article I will be expanding on this topic and providing you with 4 cool Christmas presents that have a fitness theme.


What better way to start a list of cool Christmas presents than with the CoolBoard? This unique gift is basically a balance board that you can setup and use within the comfort of your own home. It helps to develop balance, core strength and stability. The CoolBoard is suitable for beginners who want to improve their balance and also more experienced boarders who want to perfect their technique.

2) KI FIT:

Ki Fit is step up from the traditional heart rate monitor and pedometer. Instead of focusing on 1 main function such as counting how many steps you take each day or monitoring your heartbeat, Ki Fit checks a variety of lifestyle factors. It records the foods you eat, the exercise you perform and the amount of sleep you get. It then uses this data to provide you with a list of fitness goals. Ki Fit is an excellent fitness gift for getting a newbie to focus on their fitness and also a brilliant present for a fitness enthusiast who likes to track everything down to the last detail.


The Nu Dolphin MP3 player is another of the really cool Christmas presents on this list. What makes it so cool is that you can play it underwater. So if you know anyone who enjoys swimming at any level, get them the Nu Dolphin MP3 player. They won’t be disappointed.


The Xbox Kinect is a viable option If you are having problems finding a substantial present for that special someone. If they are a hard core gym goer it gives them the extra option of exercising at home. However, even if they are not a huge fitness fanatic the Xbox Kinect allows them to get a bit more physical activity that they normally would whilst playing video games.


I hope this article has helped you choose the perfect fitness gift for someone. The presents in this article are suitable for people of all fitness levels so don’t be put off if your recipient is not very active. Even if they are a complete beginner I am sure they will be happy with 1 of the cool Christmas presents off this list.

Sending Presents Early Helps Get Them Delivered On Time

Already the shops are beginning to stock up on their Christmas items with decorations as well as all the latest toys and gifts being rolled out across the country. A lot of people will be swept up by the festive season and begin to do their Christmas shopping now and in some cases this is a necessity. Families that have relatives or friends living overseas in places as far as Australia or the United States of America and so to make sure that their present arrive on time you will likely be looking to send these parcels ahead of time.

Sending present overseas could be difficult at the best of times and with the holiday period often heralding an increased amount of letters, cards and parcels being sent all over the world it can make sending a parcel or letter quite difficult to gauge when it will arrive. Obviously sending your parcel early will help when you want it to arrive before the big day but there are other benefits such as a lower cost for the postage of your parcel.

Many parcel delivery companies will have a range of services for different levels of urgency, these companies have expensive services that deliver within a short space of time but also have less costly services that may take slightly longer to deliver your parcel. These services are still an effective choice when it comes to parcel delivery as if you are sending your parcel early enough then you could use these services to save money on a trustworthy delivery service that is secure and able to arrive within strict deadlines.

There are plenty of options now available as the parcel delivery sector has grown massively over the past few years thanks to more people buying and selling items online. Parcel couriers have long been considered the best option for a quick and reliable delivery but in the past it has mostly been businesses that have used them due to their higher costs and tendency to insist on long running service contracts instead which could offer businesses discounts for frequent collections and deliveries.

These days though since almost anyone is sending parcels many couriers are now opening their services to individuals and people like you who want to send birthday or Christmas presents quickly and securely. So if you need to send your gifts early or even last minute, with couriers you could get your parcel delivered quickly so they can arrive and be placed at the foot of the Christmas tree on time.