How to Package an Audio Product for Profit

You should be able to make profits by selling audio products but some people think people won’t buy and don’t even bother. In this article I am going to describe how to package your audio product so that it is more appealing and people will want to buy.

The Benefits

First of all it is important to remember the benefits of an audio product. Not only does it benefit you the product creator because it takes you less time to create, it also benefits the purchaser.

It is known that people who listen to information get a far deeper level of understanding than people who just read the same information. Understanding that your audio product is beneficial and will give your buyers a better chance of getting results is important to keep in mind as you package your product.

Written Additions

I have found that people are more likely to purchase an audio product if there is also some form of written product provided with it. It seems that people need to have something physical like a printed PDF in order to really believe that they are getting value. Although in reality this is not true it is something to bear in mind when you package audio product.

You are likely to make more sales if you will also include something that your buyer can download and then read.

Transcriptions Don’t Add Value

This has prompted people to provide a transcription of their recording in their product. However, this is not actually adding value. If someone then decides to read your PDF rather than listen to your audio they are not getting the most out of your product. Therefore just adding a transcription of your audio is not the best way to package your audio product.

Adding Value

Therefore it is best to add something in addition to your audio that people will be able to use alongside your audio program and get extra benefit from.

Here are some suggestions:

  • a workbook
  • check sheet
  • mind map
  • resource page
  • common questions answered
  • things to remember
  • a summary

In these cases you are providing a PDF document that will help the buyer as they listen to your audio. It gives additional value and further increases the chance of your buyer getting the results they want.

Packaging your audio product in this way will in the long run provide you with more profits.