How to Get a Fresh Start In Presentation Skills

In business presenting, I often work with clients who’ve had a tough time getting the skills they need to be successful. Get a fresh start in the skills that can transform your business – and your career.

“Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness.”

-James Thurber

Clients and students constantly ask me: how can I get over the jitters, nervous anxiety and shaky knees even thinking about presenting?

You might be shocked at the people who are terrified of presenting to a group. In other parts of their work life, they appear confident and strong. But when they have a date to speak to a board, conference, or group of executives, they freeze up.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Let’s look at the three things you must do to get a fresh start so you can adapt to new circumstances without carrying the baggage of old negative experiences.

Tip 1. Learn From the Past

My hunch is you had some doozy experiences presenting in the past. Perhaps you really blew a big sale. Or you may have said something inappropriate in front of an important decision maker. Maybe you just froze up when it was your turn to speak.

Whatever happened, it’s time to learn from the experience. Explore what happened in precise detail. Pick it apart with surgical tweezers. Why did you say that? What really went wrong? What else could you have done?

This kind of precise investigation is not for the purpose of beating yourself up. It’s to find out with objective eyes what happened – so you can prevent it in the future.

While you are learning from the past, you’ll also realize that there is no need to continue being angry about what happened. It’s over. Now, it’s time to move on – armed with fresh insights and new perspectives.

Tip 2. Look Forward to a New Future

Specialized training in presentation design and delivery is the key to looking forward to the future. With new skills, you are more prepared and ready to take on new challenges.

Instead of relying on the skill set or lack of skills you had in the past, with skills-based training you can learn how to plan a powerful story, show convincing visuals and inspire action.

New skills are the exact cure for uprooting fear. You are not the same person as you were in your last presentation. Therefore, you don’t need to approach the next speech, talk or video cast with trepidation.

You are ready, prepared and a new future is waiting for you.

Tip 3. Check Your Attitude

Dissolving past anger and uprooting future fears, creates an open attitude towards business presenting.

This changes everything. You’ll move differently. You’re going to choose different words, and discover new responses to attendees.

Look at all the ways your attitude shows up. Are you open and listening? Are you passionate? Are you patient in responding to questions? Are you speaking in plain English so everyone will understand what you’re saying?

Your attitude and awareness form the foundation for giving phenomenal presentations. Get exceptional results by dissolving the past, embracing the future and focusing on your positive attitude. Get a fresh start by learning new presentation skills to grow your business.