Free Listing Presentation For Real Estate Agents

Every agent has their own twist on what works when presenting their listing presentation to a prospective seller. Below will outline some important criteria that you will need to incorporate in some fashion in your listing presentation. You can make it fancy by using MS Publisher or you can make it factual and straight forward. What matters the most is that you show your client that you are professional, have done your research and are proficient in real estate. By the end of the listing presentation, you should fully understand the seller’s goals and objectives and what it’s going to take for you to get the listing. Use any or all of these ideas:

• Discover the seller’s objectives, priorities, expectations and concerns.
• Explain the services you and your company provide.
• Educate the sellers about the home selling process, and explain their

role in it.
• Discuss the important issues of market value and home enhancement.
• Demonstrate your professionalism and differentiate yourself from the competition.
• Begin to build a strong working relationship with the sellers.

The Listing Presentation can be used in three ways.

Pre-listing package

You can either send a pre-listing package to the sellers prior to your listing presentation, or leave with them after the initial visit of a two-meeting listing
approach. This is an opportunity for you to:

• Present background information about yourself, your company and your services, and to establish a
professional image.
• Gather essential information about the sellers and the property.
• Pre-condition the sellers to the realities of pricing, marketing and home enhancement (which you will
discuss in depth during your presentation).

Presentation visual aid to use during the listing presentation.

• Helps keep your presentation “on track.”
• Focuses the seller’s attention and provides visual reinforcement for the key points you explain.

A leave-behind package for the sellers to keep as a reference throughout the home selling process. The seller’s copy of the Listing Presentation will:

•Reinforce the marketing, pricing and home enhancement information you discussed with them.
• Remind the sellers of their vital role in preparing and showing their home.

How to Develop an Effective Home selling Proposal

• Include information about yourself and your local company.
• Reflect local real estate practices and terminology.
• Add personal touches, such as the seller’s names and a photo of their house.
• Keep in mind that an effective listing presentation is a two-way interactive dialogue, not a one-way sales pitch.
• The key is asking questions that encourage the sellers to give you candid information about their
concerns, objectives and priorities, and then showing them how you can meet their needs.
• Use descriptive words and ideas as a starting point for building your own unique listing presentation, based on your personality and style, and tailored to the needs of your sellers.
• Practice really does make perfect. By consistently applying and practicing your listing presentation, you will become proficient and increase your chances of getting the listing.