Looking For A Fitness Themed Gift? Then Try These 4 Cool Christmas Presents

Getting Christmas gifts for certain people is a nightmare. No matter how hard you rack your brains you just cannot figure out what to get them. If this situation sounds familiar, why not got get a fitness gift this year? Fitness gifts are great for introducing newbies into the world of fitness or for giving seasoned pros a new bit of kit. In this article I will be expanding on this topic and providing you with 4 cool Christmas presents that have a fitness theme.


What better way to start a list of cool Christmas presents than with the CoolBoard? This unique gift is basically a balance board that you can setup and use within the comfort of your own home. It helps to develop balance, core strength and stability. The CoolBoard is suitable for beginners who want to improve their balance and also more experienced boarders who want to perfect their technique.

2) KI FIT:

Ki Fit is step up from the traditional heart rate monitor and pedometer. Instead of focusing on 1 main function such as counting how many steps you take each day or monitoring your heartbeat, Ki Fit checks a variety of lifestyle factors. It records the foods you eat, the exercise you perform and the amount of sleep you get. It then uses this data to provide you with a list of fitness goals. Ki Fit is an excellent fitness gift for getting a newbie to focus on their fitness and also a brilliant present for a fitness enthusiast who likes to track everything down to the last detail.


The Nu Dolphin MP3 player is another of the really cool Christmas presents on this list. What makes it so cool is that you can play it underwater. So if you know anyone who enjoys swimming at any level, get them the Nu Dolphin MP3 player. They won’t be disappointed.


The Xbox Kinect is a viable option If you are having problems finding a substantial present for that special someone. If they are a hard core gym goer it gives them the extra option of exercising at home. However, even if they are not a huge fitness fanatic the Xbox Kinect allows them to get a bit more physical activity that they normally would whilst playing video games.


I hope this article has helped you choose the perfect fitness gift for someone. The presents in this article are suitable for people of all fitness levels so don’t be put off if your recipient is not very active. Even if they are a complete beginner I am sure they will be happy with 1 of the cool Christmas presents off this list.

Sentimental Birthday Presents

Many people enjoy buying sentimental birthday presents. This is one great way to show a person how much you think of them and care about them. In some situations we do not get to see the people we love anywhere near enough – they make work away from home or have moved house to a distant town, even to a different country! In these situations birthdays can be one of the few times when we have free rein to get our sentimentality off our chests. Some people may not know what to look for when buying a sentimental gift, so here are a few ideas.

A message in a bottle is a great way to say that you care and there are many companies online that will allow you to create a unique message. You can then have it sent to you or to your loved one. It may be a surprise in the mail, or something special delivered in person. You can write all the wonderful things that you can think of into a rustic looking scroll. You do not have to wrap a message in a bottle because they look very nice in the bottle with a piece of ribbon. You can feel free to make one yourself for an even more personal present.

Most people probably don’t think of trees when thinking of birthday presents, but now you can donate a tree in someone’s honour. You pay for a sapling that will be planted on the birthday of your friend or loved one. The tree will be named after the person that you bought it for. You will be doing something kind for a loved one and for the environment. These days environmental issues are always somewhere at the back of our minds, so finding a gift which appeals to this concern is especially important. It becomes even more relevant when the person for whom you are buying is a nature or animal lover.

You can never go wrong with homemade birthday presents. If you decide to go down this route, the only thing stopping you is your imagination. A homemade gift is truly from the heart. You can make a scrapbook, a meal, sweater, or anything that you think your friend or loved one will enjoy. Homemade gifts are usually the best ones of all. This is an example of when it is the thought that counts. The gift took effort on your part to make that special someone’s day.

There are many ways to come up with sentimental gift ideas for family and friends. Really think about who they are on a personal level. Do something that tells them how you feel about them. Give them something that they can cherish for a lifetime. Sentimental gifts are not about being trendy or how much you can spend. They are about truly giving to someone to show them how you feel. These are often the best birthday presents of all. Choose a gift that really makes a statement to someone. The sentimental gift really is the one that makes people feel special.

Is Your Presentation Falling Flat? 5 Top Tips Of Presentation Skills Training

Are you getting ready for a critical presentation? Are you struggling to calm down, while your heart races and your face gets hot? Learn 5 top tips to answer these persistent problems.

If you’ve ever faced a presentation with increasing nervousness and stage fright, there is hope. Presentation skills training shows exactly how to gain confidence, feel calm, and master the skills you need to be effective in front of groups.

Use this checklist to get prepared, feel ready and ace your presentation.

1. Adapt To Your Audience
Is your audience filled with highly educated advisors and academic leaders? Or is your group filled with clients, prospects and business executives? Based on your audience, you must adapt.

The first step: get to know exactly what your audience needs and wants. This critical knowledge will guide all your decisions about visuals, story, and flow.

2. Capture Attention Visually
“Easy to understand…is easy to buy.”

Repeat that mantra. Make sure it is in bold letters on your desktop. Write it large in full view so you can remember to plan your visual story as the backbone of your presentation.

By keeping visuals a top priority, you are likely to grab attention and hold it from start to finish. And, by focusing on easy-to-understand visuals, you’ll keep your message refreshingly simple.

3. Inspire With Conversations
When is the last time you had a good conversation? Can’t recall? You aren’t alone. A lot of people can’t remember the last time they had a good heart-to-heart talk with a colleague.

That’s why you must prepare your presentation, not as a one-directional data dump. Nope. That’s old hat. History. Traditional theory that is out of date for today’s audiences.

While planning your important presentation, structure a conversation. Think of give-and-take. Organize your message to involve and include your audience. This requires a different way of planning and organizing information.

Curious how to do this well? Use a visual blueprint, also known as a Presentation Storyboard. This blueprint does the heavy lifting and thinking for you. Just fill in the ‘blanks’ and you’ll have a powerful story-based conversation.

4. Connect With Passion
Many professional audiences are bored with data-driven presentations. No wonder. Most PowerPoint-driven presentations are dry, tedious and would put the most interested expert to sleep.

But not you. Speak with passion. Focus on key problems, critical issues and current challenges. Openly appeal to emotions with stories, personal examples and anecdotes.

Often these emotional treasure troves are challenging to access. You may have been told not to wear your emotions on your sleeves. You may be laboring under the false impression that professional presentations should be cool, impartial and objective.

While a cool, logical approach is important; it is not your only resource. If tapping into emotions is challenging for you, get help from an objective executive coach. Your coach will help you translate personal experiences into relevant connection points.

Remember: you don’t need to become someone else in order to be highly effective in presenting. The more you are yourself; the easier it is to speak with confidence.

5. Escape Stagefright
While many actors, performers and professional speakers encounter stagefright, they have learned how to cope. What do they know that you don’t?

They have learned specific techniques for breathing, standing, and connecting with their audience. They know that by relying on a simple checklist, they can monitor and master symptoms. Now it’s easy to learn how to manage nervous tension, reduce anxiety, and present like a pro. Whether you choose to learn these valuable skills in a class, an online presentation skills training, or one-on-one with a coach, you will use your skills for years to come.

The good news is: you can learn to work with your symptoms. You don’t have to go through the rest of your career suffering from nervous stage fright.

When you’re looking for quick answers to prepare for your presentation, use these 5 tips. Interested in online presentation skills training? If you are truly serious about advancing in your career, invest in your skills. In just a few days, you’ll know exactly how to master the skills for exceptional public speaking.